This is Marketing

Marketing in 5 Steps

  • Invent a worth thing with story and contribution to culture
  • Design and build the thing so that it can benefit several people who should be interested in supporting your product
  • Tell a story. The story must match the dreams and desires of this particular group of people. The author calls this group: the smallest viable market
  • Spread the word
  • Show up. You must organize a constant presence to bring about the changes you want to achieve. Consistent, continuous, and frequent publications, delivered to an engaged audience, receive feedback, attention, and trust
  • The desired audience is an audience that has a worldview that integrates with your work, that is, it is an audience that accepts you
  • The accidental audience is an audience that criticizes you and shares this thought with others
  • My product is for people who believe _________________.
  • I will focus on people who want _________________.
  • I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get _________________.

Good Stories



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