The Delightful Eight: Best Branding Books to Read — Marketing Psycho

  • Brands are underleveraged
  • Business strategy is at risk because of inadequate brand platforms
  • Firm’s brands are tired and bland
  • Strategy is paralyzed by a lack of priority among the brands
  • Brands are cluttered and confusing to both customers and employees
  • Firm needs to move into the super-premium or value arenas to create margin or sales volume
  • Business faces a relevance threat caused by emerging subcategories
  • Margin pressures require points of differentiation
  • Provides a blueprint for constructing a story that will connect narrator and listener through the scientifically proven effect of neural coupling
  • Emphasizes the importance of personal authenticity in effective storytelling
  • Provides abundant tips on emotional branding, writing, rhetoric, vocalization, pacing, graphics, body language, breathing, and above all, creating drama
  • Applies to a broad array of applications and settings, such as job interviews, ad campaigns, and professional presentations
  • Apply cutting-edge techniques for brand design, brand positioning, market-specific branding, and more
  • Adopt successful strategies from development to launch to leveraging
  • Build brand-driven organizations and reinforce brand culture both internally and throughout the global marketplace
  • Increase brand value and use brand positioning to build a mega-brand
  • The brand worth the most in the entire world is Alphabet-better known as Google, and it`s worth $286 billion.
  • It takes 5 to 7 impressions to produce a fragment of brand awareness.
  • It takes just 10 seconds for people to form an impression of your brand.



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Alexey Cherkasov

Alexey Cherkasov

Marketing and sales professional with over 10years experience in b2b industry of power electronics and power semiconductors.