Marketing 3.0

  1. company creates a product
  2. consumers from the community share their ideas for improving this product in accordance with their needs and desires
  3. company transforms the product based on customer feedback

3i Model

  1. Marketing and values are polarized
  2. Balancing
  3. Integration
  1. Love your customers, respect your competitors
  2. Be sensitive to change, be ready to transform
  3. Guard your name, be clear about who you are
  4. Customers are diverse; go first to those who can benefit most from you
  5. Always offer a good package at a fair price
  6. Always make yourself available, spread the good news
  7. Get your customers, keep and grow them
  8. Whatever your business, it is a service business
  9. Always refine your business process in terms of quality, cost, and delivery
  10. Gather relevant information, but use wisdom in making your final decision



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Alexey Cherkasov

Alexey Cherkasov

Marketing and sales professional with over 10years experience in b2b industry of power electronics and power semiconductors.