H2H. Human to Human Marketing

Bryan Kramer lists the main fears that businesses have about social marketing

Fear 1. Companies think that while they are not in social networks, competitors do not sleep and win the market. Under the influence of this fear, companies start pages and groups in social networks but do not work with them correctly. This approach can damage the brand’s reputation.

Social Context Rules

Carefully consider the information you are going to post

Basic Human Needs

Connections/Love. People need to feel connected to themselves, to their families, to society, to their country, and even to their brands. Connect your fans and like-minded people in communities, communicate with them, and listen to what they say.

How to Attract Your Target Audience

Come up with a simple and human idea



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Alexey Cherkasov

Alexey Cherkasov


Marketing and sales professional with over 10years experience in b2b industry of power electronics and power semiconductors.