Communication Secrets for a Distracted World

Paul Hellman believes when someone speaks to an audience, they only have 8 seconds to capture people’s attention. In his book “You’ve Got 8 Seconds: Communication Secrets for a Distracted World”, he talks about three strategies that will help make people listen and remember what they hear.


Focus means to be the audience.

Paul Hellman describes three other ways to win attention

– Start with your conclusion. This method is good when you don’t have much time — a minute or two.


Variety means to be slightly different. In order to be different, the author gives a few tips.

Paul Hellman also lists 10 unusual ways to start your speech

  1. Question
  2. Quiz
  3. You are probably thinking (or feeling or wondering)
  4. Imagine
  5. Draw an analogy
  6. Tell a short story
  7. Demo/show
  8. Keyword, number, or phrase
  9. Quote
  10. Unusual fact


There are people who attract attention. The audience wants to listen to them, follow them, imitate them. The author calls this phenomenon — PRESENCE. To become such a person, you need to work on your image, drive, and temperament. Paul Hellman describes these three groups by dividing them into 10 items.


Image is divided into nonverbals and optics. Nonverbals include voice and body language. Voice: volume, speed, pitch, pauses, clarity. Body language: facial expression, eye contact, posture, gesture.


Drive consists of focus, energy, initiative, and commitment.


Temperament includes humility, command, optimism, and composure.

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