9 Proven Steps to Eliminate E-mail Overload

9-Step Strategy

Step 1. Turn off email notifications

  • Delete
  • Delegate
  • Do it
  • Defer it
  1. Remember a short answer isn’t rude
  2. Use bold text and numbered lists
  3. Write precise subject lines
  4. Minimize useless replies
  5. Remove extraneous information
  6. Stop asking open-ended questions
  7. Describe the specific action(s)
  8. Avoid multi-part questions
  9. Label attachments clearly
  10. Practice the Five-Sentence Rule
  1. From/To/CC addresses in the email header
  2. Specific words or phrases in the email body
  3. Attached files with the same name
  1. Calendar tools
  2. Outsourcing collaboration
  3. Basecamp or Hyperoffice
  4. Online surveys
  5. Wikis
  6. Phone or skype



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Alexey Cherkasov

Alexey Cherkasov


Marketing and sales professional with over 10years experience in b2b industry of power electronics and power semiconductors.